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We work
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Profitability dashboard

Selling on marketplaces is one thing, but being profitable is another. With our dashboarding you can see exactly how profitable you are.

Integrator data

We work with data from your integrator to make sure we support all marketplaces you work on. 

Marketplace consultancy

With our knowledge of international marketplaces, we are your partner for growth.

Profitability monitoring

Profitability should be your number one priority when selling on marketplaces. This should include all costs, like buy prices, pick & pack, and even the cost of your integrator. We take all this data and show it on different levels on your dashboard, so anyone in the organization can work with it. 

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1 integrator
5 marketplaces
< 5000 orders / month
Profitability monitoring
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Keep an eye on it!

2 integrators
10 marketplaces
< 15000 orders / month
Profitability monitoring
Profitability warnings
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Scale € 249


Control your sales!

3 integrators
25 marketplaces
< 30000 orders / month
Profitability monitoring
Profitability warnings
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What can we do for you?

Own marketplace
Profitability advice
Marketplace advice
Content management
Growth Strategy
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We work with marketplaces.

Attalos provides advice and services to sellers & brands on all questions surrounding marketplace strategy. We deliver answers to. In our strategy projects, we discuss and evaluate sales options: how do I take advantage of all opportunities to sell through national and international marketplaces such as, Amazon, or others?


If you take selling on marketplaces seriously.

Connecting as many marketplaces as possible, having a huge turnover. It all doesn’t make if you don’t have any profit on the bottom line. With our software, you get insights into your profitability on the order line level, so you can directly see where your winners and losers are.

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Met wie werken wij?

Wij werken voor verschillende mooie merken, om hun marketplace aanwezigheid te optimaliseren.


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