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4. Listing analyzer

2022-09-22 13_45_33-Brand product information › Listing analyzer (only Amazon)

The listing analyzer page provides you with a technical analysis of your product listing, color-coded. This gives a score to the listing which you can use to evaluate your listings. We measure the following:

  • The length of your product title. The product title has a character limit of 150-200 characters, depending on the category. Marketplaces in general recommend a maximum length of 80 characters so the full title is displayed on mobile devices. If possible, write 2-3 main keywords in a meaningful phrase in your title.
  • The length of your product description. After the title, the images, and the for Amazon the bullet points in the listing are optimized, it’s now time to focus on the actual product description. We recommend a description of at least 750 characters so your customers get a good view of what they buy.
  • [Amazon only] The # of bullet points. When you have optimized your product title you should now focus on optimizing the bullet points of the product. The title decides whether a potential customer clicks on your product, and the bullet points are the first step to a buying decision. This is why you should make sure to make these bullet points as clear and appealing as possible. Make sure to use at least 5 of them.
  • Product images are essential for high sales and a good representation of your brand. People always see the product first and it highly impacts the buying decision. That’s why you should use the images properly. It is allowed to upload mulitple high-quality images. Make use of at least 5 of them, in a high resolution.
  • Reviews are essential for your customers to decide on what they buy. You should target a minimum of 10 reviews, with a review score of 4.5 or above. 

Do you want access to this dashboard or need help setting up your brand on marketplace? We’re here to help!