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3. Product Reviews


On the tab Product Reviews we see how the customers review your products.

Please note that both and amazon reviews combine if a product is in a so-called family. For example, a block set that is available in different colors. This dashboard only shows the unique reviews per product, so it is possible that you click through to the product and that there is a different number, this is due to this merging in product families. This is an advantage for customers (and sellers), however, we have chosen to only show the reviews for the product to which it belongs.

  1. In the blue blocks a quick overview of the total number of reviews and the total number of reviewed products.
  2. In the graph below you can see the number of reviews about all products over time.
  3. To the right of this, you can find the number of reviews and comments per product.
  4. At the bottom left you can see which products have been reviewed most recently.
  5. In addition, you can easily click through to read customer reactions to your products.